Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring is just around the corner.

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Here are a few services we provide in the spring.

  • Irrigation System Start Up
    • RPZ Testing available

  • Monthly Irrigation Inspection "Sign Up Now"
    • Includes the following:
      • Checking correct irrigation timer operation
      • Valves coming on by clock
      • Unclogging heads if necessary (possibly replace filter)
      • Adjustments of spray patterns
      • Checking for line breaks
      • Checking for proper irrigation coverage
      • Replacement of clock back up battery
      • Seasonal Clock adjustments ( Start times, zone run times, watering days, etc)
      • Rain Sensor operation
    • Benefits of a Monthly inspection.
      • Saves on water consumption
      • Prevents costly repairs
      • Maintains the best water coverage
      • Makes sure the rain sensor is working properly
      • Watering times are adjusted to the current weather conditions

  • Top Dress Mulch Beds

    • Dyed Mulch
Red, Orange, Brown

    • Western Red Cedar, Cypress


  • Landscaping Projects
    •  Make sure to request a bid for landscaping right away, so we can schedule it in. My schedule fills up fast.
    • Free estimates
    • Landscape Design prices vary.

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Job Opportunities

Job Openings
We are currently looking for reliable on call workers for the following positions. 
  • Bobcat Operator / Snow Removal  $15.00 - $20.00 Per Hour / 2 Years Experience Required
  • Sidewalk Shoveler / $15.00 Per Hour / Snowfalls 2"+
  • Benefits Available
  • You will need to be dependable and here ever time it snows.
  • Summer Work Available / Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, & Irrigation
Hurry... Jobs fill up pretty quick.

    Please visit our website to fill out an online job application. Click on Job Opportunities.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Landscaping Pictures From 2012

Check out some of our landscaping projects from 2012.
Landscape Garden


Landscape Garden

Mulch Topdressing.
We put a product called "Snapshot" down  prior to laying the mulch, to prevent weeds from germinating for up to 6 months.

More Mulch Topdressing.


Re-grade and Sod Front Yard

Valley Sq. Landscaping Pics.
Updated From 2012
Mulch Topdressing

 Power Edged Sidewalk

 Annuals Later In The Season
 Fall Mums

Winter Interest Spruce Tips


Drain tile / PVC
PVC Shouldn't End Here.
Or Here.
 Connected Gutter To PVC

Sump Pump Connected To Drain tile.



Preparing For Sod.

Watching The Water Flow Through.

More Drain Tile Work & Landscaping



 Hand Dig VERY Carefully To Avoid Damage To Utilities.

 All water from gutters and sump pump are directed to a drain basin.
Landscape Design.



Landscape Paver Patio & Pergola




More Pictures To Come 2013.
Boulder Wall



Landscape Design.


Landscape Design.




Professional Pruning / Shrubs

More Shrub Pruning.
Black Dirt and Seed

Spring Cleanup, Aerate, & Fertilize
Prune all evergreens in the spring.

Look For More Pictures from 2013 Next Year.
Special thanks to all the guys who have helped me with this work.
Great Job!