Monday, March 28, 2011

Landscape Designs... Commercial, Town Homes, and Residential

Our designs are very detailed and to scale, so you know exactly what you are getting before it's installed. We also provide an itemized bid for you to see exactly what the entire job will cost. Please fill out a bid request on our website if you are interested in a detailed landscape plan. Below are a few examples.





Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sring Is The Best Time To.....

Visit our website and click on Bid Requests to submit an online bid request.
  • Submit a bid request for this season for any lawn and landscaping needs.

  • Irrigation System Start Up
    • RPZ Testing available

  • Monthly Irrigation Inspection "Sign Up Now"
    • Includes the following:
      • Checking correct irrigation timer operation
      • Valves coming on by clock
      • Unclogging heads if necessary (possibly replace filter)
      • Adjustments of spray patterns
      • Checking for line breaks
      • Checking for proper irrigation coverage
      • Replacement of clock back up battery
      • Seasonal Clock adjustments ( Start times, zone run times, watering days, etc)
      • Rain Sensor operation
    • Benefits of a Monthly inspection.
      • Saves on water consumption
      • Prevents costly repairs
      • Maintains the best water coverage
      • Makes sure the rain sensor is working properly
      • Watering times are adjusted to the current weather conditions

  • Top Dress Mulch Beds

    • Dyed Mulch                                      
Red, Orange, Brown

    • Western Red Cedar, Cypress

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